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Speaker and Teacher

Speaking and Teaching at Services, Conferences and Retreats

Traveling widely and speaking to many audiences, Sandra can verify that all of us have lived through hard times and great disappointments.  And she is convinced of one important truth:  All weakness can be turned into strengths.  Nothing we experience is wasted, and can be used to change us for the better.  Sandra's friendly, approachable style and disarming humor puts everyone at ease, and they relate to her on every level. Speaking to diverse audiences, Sandra shares her own heartaches and disappointments, and gives invaluable biblical truths that can be applied practically and immediately and get results that last.

Sandra is also a conference speaker and retreat leader, and often uses contemporary drama vignettes that enable audiences to easily grasp a point.  Using her award-winning acting ability and comedic timing, Sandra uses humor to break down walls that might prevent someone from seeing the truth. 

She also presents one-woman plays of women of the Bible.  Using original costumes and scripts, these exciting portrayals bring Biblical heroes to life, showing how they handled everyday life, and crises as well. These short plays bring audiences a "you are there" experience. The presentations are also available for breakout sessions at conferences and retreats.

Sandra Speaking

Sandra Speaking

The Esther Effect book

The Esther Effect

The Secret to Her Success

A power-packed guidebook for success! Learn how to trust and obey God, no matter what He calls you to do. With examples from Esther and others in the Bible, this book will help you find the courage to take a bold stand when you need to.

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