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Women of the Bible Performances

Sandra's performance of Mary the Mother of Jesus and her sermon following were gripping, inspirational and timely. They were focused unwaveringly on God's gift of His Son to the world, and the meaning and hope of it. The congregation was spellbound, and hardly moved during the service. The church immediately invited her to come back to minister to us again. Joyce Kimmell, First Christian Church, Terrell, Texas

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary re-lives Jesus' life – and hers – from her viewpoint. Her story begins with the annunciation by Gabriel, and what it cost her personally to agree to bear God's Son. When He became a man, she realized that she had to release Him to pursue His earthly ministry. Mary tells about His miracles, the horror of the crucifixion, the thrill of His resurrection, and His glorious ascension into Heaven. And you'll hear the angels announcing that He is coming back again!

Mary of Bethany

Mary of Bethany

Mary speaks about her life in Bethany, where she lived with her brother Lazarus and sister Martha. She reveals how they met Jesus, how He visited them often, and became like family to them. During conflict between the sisters, Jesus intervenes. When Lazarus got sick, and then died, however, Jesus didn't come right away to help them. Mary's disappointment with Jesus was palpable, but what a miraculous outcome. You will witness Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead!

The Woman Who Was Healed by Jesus

The woman who was healed by Jesus

This poor outcast woman, despised because of her physical ailment, weaves her tale of despair and rejection into a powerful testimony of Jesus' unconditional love and total restoration. Jesus commends her for pressing in to receive healing from Him. Listen in as she reacts to the people finally accepting her. Her moving testimony of finally being accepted by others is unforgettable.

Queen Esther

Queen Esther

Queen Esther never desired it, nor ever imagined that she would be the queen of Persia. She was a Jew: A Jew! Walk with her throughout her eventful life in the palace, and accompany her down the lonely corridors as she approached King Xerxes to plead for the lives of her people. Her own life hangs in the balance as she walks to the king's chambers. Rejoice with her as God's own intervention rescues her, His people and Mordecai.

Hannah, the Mother of Samuel

Hannah the mother of Samuel

Hannah tells about her years of desperate praying for a son. Her life was miserable because of taunts by her husband's other fertile wife. She promised God that if He gave her this longed-for child, she would give him back to God. God did give her a son, and she remembers the sweet agony of raising this darling child, knowing she would soon have to leave him at the temple in Shiloh. Celebrate God's rewarding her in a mighty way for her sacrifice.



In her own inimitable style, Rahab walks us through her amazing, eventful life. She tells why she became a "lady of the night," and the shame and loneliness that went with it. We hear about her hiding the Israelite spies and why she did it. Experience with her and her family the terrifying collapse of the walls of Jericho. And witness their exciting rescue by the Israelite army. (She is listed in the genealogy of Jesus!)

Other Performances


Sandra's communication skills extend to corporate audiences, as well. Her winning presentation, "The Brain Connection, Plugging into the Power Source," demonstrates how to take your game to the next level.

Book Clubs

Sandra is a book reviewer and entertainer. Her current book review is Lucile: Her Life By Design, by Randy Bryan Bigham. This is the exciting life story of Lady Duff Gordon, born June 13, l863 in London, who became the foremost fashion designer in the world by her own efforts. She singlehandedly changed fashion by her Lucile salon designs, and was sought after by the press as well as society because of her outrageous quips!

"Royal Wedding of Charles and Di: You Are There"

Sandra's hysterical, historical first-person account of her experiences before, during and after the Wedding. As one of two Americans to participate in the Wedding of the Century, she takes you behind the scenes at the rehearsals and the Wedding itself. You will get the scoop on what really happened!

"Best Foot Forward"

A how-to interactive program on making a positive first impression. In a non-threatening program, Sandra teaches you how to avoid faux pas and how to mingle at social events with people you don't know!

The Esther Effect book

The Esther Effect

The Secret to Her Success

A power-packed guidebook for success! Learn how to trust and obey God, no matter what He calls you to do. With examples from Esther and others in the Bible, this book will help you find the courage to take a bold stand when you need to.

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