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Meet Sandra Wakefield


Warm, humorous and compelling, Sandra engages audiences with her unique approach to life, relationships and self-identity.  Her testimony is spellbinding, guaranteed to transform the heart of any listener. Fueled with contagious passion, she incorporates timeless truths with modern-day life encounters.

As a survivor of devastating life events, Sandra understands the negative effects of fear and loss. Through her own tragedies in life, she uncovered one proven fact: All fear can be turned into fearlessness.

After experiencing the extraordinary teaching or dramatic presentations of Sandra Wakefield, chances are you will never view the Bible in the same way again.

A distinct part of Sandra's ministry is her uncommon gift for writing and performing original dramas. Thrilling and impactful, these  one-woman plays highlight the melodramatic, roller-coaster side of life that modern-day and real-life Biblical women experience. Authentic and moving, Sandra's characters spring to life as she portrays them in an unforgettable way.

Passionate about helping others capture their voice though public speaking and/or drama, her training course, Speak Like A Winner, offers techniques for effective communication.

Educational Background and Award Recognition

Sandra is one of two Americans to participate in the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.  While living in England, Sandra performed with the London Bach Choir presenting concerts in the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

As an award-winning actress, Sandra has earned a Meritorious Achievement in Acting Award from the State of Arizona and was nominated for the Kennedy Center's Irene Ryan Award Nominee for excellence in acting.

An ordained minister and hospital chaplain, Sandra resides in Texas.  She enjoys the company of her two poodles, Chloe and Elise.

Sandra Speaking

Sandra Wakefield

Sandra Wakefield performs in New York City
Sandra performs "The Mother of Jesus" for UN Ambassador Wives in New York City.

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The Esther Effect

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